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DOOM 3 PDA EASTER EGG (Pointers for Satanists…)

Basically a easter egg after you find the soul cube. If you find one of those information pod things, it will have a hellish-pentagram backround with all that crap… Just click download and have fun reading what the developers made while they were bored… Video Rating: 3 / 5 Watch as ExtremePDA shows you how easy it is to asseble and install the Air Vent cell phone holder in your car. The air vent cell phone car holder is one of ExtremePDA’s best selling auto mount solutions, fitting 99% of today’s hottest selling smartphones, cell phones, GPS units and PDAs. Be a safer driver while going “hands-free”. Video Rating: 3 / 5 Attention... Feel free to comment where it is allowed, only on the post's contents !General comments about this site just for … Read entire article »

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Secret Pda In my Doom 3 custom map

This Is my freind “Baxter’s” PDA in my custom map , not telling where i hid it. Extra tags: Doom3 tutoirials TUTS tut I DOTN KNOW HOW TO SPELl lol doom 3 custommaps MW2 doom 3 hacks BF2 hacks HALO hacks super mario glitches LOOLOLOL cod call of duty modern warfare 2 fair war mw2 mw 2 new highrise domonation search and destory m16 m 1 6 four three in one two whiteboy7thst whiteboy whiteboy7th multi multi-kill kill kills omg lol epic fail fall ead death care package skidrow snipe sniper spots cam kill feed cod6 call sign kill streak streaks care package ac130 emergency air drop airdrop nuke tatical nuke rape uav perk perks how to glitch tutorail weapon secondary lock on afghan map pack new miltia roof … Read entire article »

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